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The Way Forward

With the pending publication of our Summer 2012 issue comes a milestone for The Rag—we’ve been out for one year. We’d like to first take the opportunity to thank all of the readers and writers who have supported us. Your  trust and interest in what we’re doing is greatly appreciated.

Some changes to The Rag are also coming. While we don’t plan on saying goodbye anytime soon, we are going bi … annual that is. This will be our last release as a quarterly, as we’re moving to biannual publication.

Rather than publishing four separate issues, we will release a Fall/Winter issue in December and a Spring/Summer issue in June. The overall content should be roughly the same: fewer issues, but more stories and poems in each issue, and perhaps some other content that will be made available in different formats.

This won’t change existing subscriptions: if you already subscribed, you won’t need to renew your subscription until you’ve received 4 issues.  The subscription price will also remain $8.99, though the single-issue price will increase to $4.99 starting with the December release. If you subscribe between now and December, you’ll receive the current Summer 2012 issue, the Fall/Winter 2012 and Spring/Summer 2013 issues, after that, a subscription will cover the two issues per year.

Along with this will come some corresponding changes to our reading schedule. Rather than taking submissions year-round, we plan on having two four-month reading periods. We’ll continue accepting submissions for the Fall/Winter issue until the end of September, with a December-March reading period for the June release.

These changes will give us more flexibility to work on some of the projects we have in mind that are outside of the quarterly electronic magazine confines, that we simply haven’t had time to pursue with the relatively quick turnaround of the quarterly.

As for the more immediate future, the Summer issue is ready to go and will be available on our website store on 8/7. We’ll post some more information about the issue tomorrow.

Thanks again for the support over this first year.

-Seth Porter

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