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The Rag #5: Winter/Spring 2013

The Rag Issue #5Issue #5: Beyond Good and Evil

What defines an action as good or evil? What drives a person to act immorally? These are some of the questions underlying the selections in The Rag’s 5th issue.

Whether it’s the cop who wants to mold the world to his liking, the recent college graduate who’s looking to make a quick buck through “victimless” crime, or the insurance company employee who just wants to keep his job and find a girl who appreciates him, these characters are faced with tests of their morality. Each has a unique moral compass, which points in directions that are different from society’s norms. But things are never black and white. Good and evil aren’t absolutes, and each of these characters attempts to justify their actions. Where these characters ultimately stand on the arc of good versus evil is up for the reader to decide.

You can purchase Issue #5  individually or subscribe on our website store, and you can also purchase this issue on the amazon.com  Kindle store. The single-issue price is $4.99. The one-year subscription—which gets you this issue and our next release—is $8.99. Issue #5 is our first as a biannual publication, so compared to our previous quarterly releases, this is a double issue.

You can preview the first two selections below, and the first story is also available for preview on the Kindle store.


Memento Mori by Stefanie Demas
No Sleep Since 1903 by Nick Mecikalski  (poetry)
Monolith by Petros Karagianis  (poetry)
Yes, Officer by John Woods
Not Giving to the Alumni Fund by David Blanton
Putting in the Work by Steve Russo
Karl’s Last Night by Laura Andrews
The Observer Effect by Matthew Meade
The Man Who Wouldn’t Jump by Isaac Savage
The Queue by Ashley Ahn  (poetry)
Citizen of Megabus by Reina Hardy  (poetry)
Passing Through by Jack Varvill
Zeke Stargazing by Rachel Kimbrough
Vibrancy by Marcus Emanuel
Cats as the Meaning of Life by Misty Lynn Ellingburg  (poetry)
Digital Desert Camouflage by Isaac Pritzker  (poetry)
The Girl with Pretension in Her Hair by Bill Lytton
Olivia by Philip Zigman

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